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Our wine selection contain only wines which we know and like ourselves and which we can always recommend with good conscience and passion. We have a wine for every occasion and for every budget which should represent the best you can get for the respective price level. Some of the pictures in the slide show above were chosen courtesy of our principals who hold the copyrights. Thanks to Achs, Nittnaus, Heinrich, Gulfi, and Stift Goettweig for letting us use their property.
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- Wine & Spirits Asia, Singapore Expo 8th - 11th April
Meet us and our Austrian winemakers at this years' exhibition in April !

Let us know if you wish to receive complimentary admission tickets

02/03/2014 - Daumas Gassac meets Nicolas
Ampelia is very pleased to host a Wine Tasting Dinner for Daumas Gassac together with our friend Nicolas at his Restaurant on Thursday, 27th of March.
Menu and wines to follow soon, budget at $ 150 nett including tasting of 6 Gassac wines.
Limited seat capacity, please let us know if you wish to reserve some seats.
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02/03/2014 - Austrian Night with Karl Dobler / Table at 7
Ampelia and Karl Dobler get together to host an Austrian night with a special 5 course menu paired with 6 exceptional Austrian wines.

When : Tuesday 8th April

$ 128 ++

Menu and wines see attached

Please send us a pre booking reservation to secure seats.

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02/03/2014 - Price Increase on Wines as per Singapore Budget Duty Hike on alcohol
You may have heard already about the changes on alcohol duty which has been officially announced in the Singapore budget last Friday.
With immediate effect, excise duty on alcohol products has been increased by approximately 25%. The new rates for excise duty can be seen online at :
To summarize the change and effect on prices, the duty on wines has been increased from $ 70 per litre of alcohol to now $ 88.
Per bottle of 750 ml this will relate to an immediate price increase of $ 2 or more, depending on the alcohol content of the wine.
Busy times for all of us as all price lists and menus need to be adjusted.
I personally do not understand this political decision, given the fact that Hong Kong had totally abolished the duty on wines some time ago and is often used as a benchmark in Singapore politics. This will surely have a further negative impact on the competitiveness of Singapore as a wine hub in Asia.
Sad news for our industry.
14/12/2013 - Rudi Pichler choses Ampelia for Singapore distribution
Ampelia is proud and honoured to be appointed as the new distributor for Rudi Pichler wines in Singapore !
For all wine connaisseurs there is no need to say much about these famous gems of Austrian wines.
Rudi Pichler was voted Vintner of the year by Falstaff in 2010 and his wines are considered to be among the best in the Wachau.
14/12/2013 - Ampelia signed new distributions for Singapore
Our last trip to Sicily turned out to be very successful and we are sure our customers will be very happy to hear that Ampelia will now be working exclusively with Passopisciaro, Palari, and Biondi wines besides our long time partner Gulfi. We can now offer you Sicilian wines from the North ( Palari), The Northern Etna ( Passopisciaro ), the Southern Etna ( Biondi ), and Sicily's South ( Gulfi ). An amazing selection of Top Crus and a must for all lovers of Sicilian wines !
30/10/2013 - Tower Club Wine Awards - Ampelia Wines win 1 Gold and 6 Silver
The American Express Tower Club Annual Wine Tasting can be considered the most prestigious competition of the year.

All entry wines will be blind tasted by categories over two full days, and the winners celebrated with an exceptional Gala Dinner.

Here are our Winner Wines :


Hannes Reeh, Chardonnay 2012 Unplugged


Gernot Heinrich, Pannobile Red 2010
Paul Achs, Pannobile Red 2009
Guibot La Fourvieille, 2005
Cambridge Road, Pinot Noir 2009
Johannes Hirsch, Riesling Zoebing 2011
Sattlerhof, Sernauberg Sauvignon Blanc 2011
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24/08/2013 - Appetite Magazine Chardonnay Tasting
Ampelia did exceptionally well in this tasting again !
Morey Coffinet and Remi Jobard made it to the Best Ten, Georges Michel got the highest score of all contesting New Zealand wines, and Sattlerhof won in the Austria category of non sweet wines.
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18/03/2013 - New Parker Ratings for Gulfi
Gulfi got their new Parker ratings and the results are stunning !

Read for yourself as attached.

We will let you know as soon as the new vintages have arrived, but the 2006 and 2007 have a lot to offer too.
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Ampelia was voted one of the 5 finalists for the 2013 Wine Distributor of the Year Award !
Jo and I just came back from the Awards Ceremony and although we did not win ( Congratulations Bruno and Ewineasia ), it is still an honour and confirmation of our work that Ampelia was voted into this elite of wine distributors in Singapore.
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02/03/2014 - Wine & Spirits Asia Exhibition, Spore Expo 8th - 11th April
02/03/2014 - Austrian Night with Karl Dobler and Table at 7
02/03/2014 - Daumas Gassac in Singapore - Nicolas Le Restaurant
17/09/2013 - Members' Tasting at Tanglin Club with Hannes Reeh - Sunday, 27th Oct